About Us

The founders of Servicely got together while at Keystone Management Solutions, a professional services company which introduced ServiceNow to the Australian market. At Keystone we successfully deployed ServiceNow to more than 400 customers over 10 years. Ultimately we sold that company and it is now part of DXC.

After we exited that business we got to thinking.

We had the luxury of many years of exposure to best-of-breed architectures and interfaces, and resolved to build a platform from scratch that has all the flexibility and power we were used to and also addressed the frustrations that we had experienced with existing approaches.

We also observed that AI had come of age to become a viable component of enterprise systems. We saw a lot of companies incorporating AI into conversational AI support bots, but we had our eye on much more comprehensive workflow efficiency that comes from incorporating AI deeply into the architecture.

Once we had the vision clear we founded Servicely and built a platform that is paving the way for a generational shift in service desk and workflow technology.

We welcome you to find out more about what we do and most importantly how we may be able to help you achieve your strategic objectives around digital workflow transformation. Please get in touch below.

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“We support your whole digital transformation journey with a
workflow platform that is simple, flexible and efficient”