Automated Service Desk

AI powered Service Desk to get your business back to business.

Servicely is an efficient enterprise-level service desk solution, guaranteed to improve your productivity. We’ll give you the tools you need to take care of your customers, so you and your employees can get back to work faster. ​

What is service desk software?


The service desk (or help desk) is the main point of contact for problem solving and technical support in your business — it’s important that everything is running as smoothly as possible. Our automated service desk software ensures that your service desk is operating as it should, taking care of repetitive tasks such as standard requests, onboarding or routing tickets.

Do more with less

Our all-in-one automated service desk connects your employees and helps keep your company focused on results. Less costly and complicated than other AI solutions, Servicely enhances the service experience while lowering the expenses associated with your service desk.

Increase customer satisfaction

Fast response and issue resolution can make or break your customer experience. Our service desk software reduces call time by 3x and improves the efficiency of the overall process, allowing you to provide excellent customer service every time.

World's first service management platform with AI at the core

Unlike other service desks, we use machine learning and natural language understanding to build up a knowledge base, augmenting your service agents with a powerful, intelligent AI that learns from your best employees as they work through tickets. The innovative engine uses pre-trained models for common issues and requests, meaning that it’s only a matter of days before your customers start seeing the value.


Service Desk Calls

Lower Costs

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Service Experience


Business Productivity


Self-Service Resolution


Call Classification

Advanced Ticketing System

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Resolve tickets faster — our automated ticketing system ensures that your users never have to wait for support. As Servicely’s AI observes your best agents and starts to learn from your workers, it will develop a virtual agent that tackles tickets and allows for fully automated high volume calls without involving the service desk. 

A simple three-step solution

We’ve developed an efficient process that can help to quickly resolve any issues and save you time and money:


  • Automated Triage. Our software evaluates incoming requests, deciding whether an agent is needed, with automated call classification and assignment.

  • Augmentation of Service Agents. Our AI provides your service desk agents with suggested responses to inquiries and information using established knowledge bases, helping to resolve issues faster (and more effectively).

  • Level 0 (Self-service) Resolution. With our pre-trained virtual agent, users can get answers to a wide range of inquiries without creating tickets, freeing up your employees to tackle more hands-on concerns and other work.

Grow (and make the most of) your knowledge base

Solving user problems can be a great way to beef up your knowledge base, but most companies don’t utilise this data, leading to larger support costs. Not only does our automated service desk use a single enterprise service model to ensure all employees have access to the information they need, but our AI system is constantly learning, making use of this data to help solve future problems.

Self-service portal

In today’s digital age, most users prefer to seek instant answers for themselves; reduce the amount of tickets flooding in by providing people with the tools they need to fix their own problems. With our virtual agent to provide automated self-service, it’s easier for your users to find the results they need without engaging the service desk.


To learn more about our automated service desk software and how it can help maximise productivity in your business, reach out to our team and request a demo today!