Intelligent service management helping you do more with less 

Industry leading AI powered service management platform with AI powered workflow to improve productivity, lower costs and keep your customers smiling.

Smart | Simple | Better 

Don't be stuck in the NOW.

AI powered workflow


Intelligent Enterprise Service Management

Servicely gives you the power to get more done with less using the power of Artificial Intelligence that Learns how work is done to Augment your staff and Automate manual tasks in machine time.

Intelligent service management with leading edge AI 

Servicely Observes the actions Service Agents take to resolve common issues to be able to Automate these in machine time, significantly reducing call handle times

Learn more about Intelligent Actions 

"Servicely's Intuitive interface reduces training time and easy to use, 

our service desk staff love it"


Service Desk

Feature rich ITIL Service Desk delivered out-the-box

HR Case & Request

Manage HR Request and Case management 

Self-Service portal

Intelligent enterprise

Self-Service Portal 

Contract Management

Manage contracts & warranty & compliance

Low-Code Platform

Build your own custom intelligent workflows

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