Discover the first viable alternative to ServiceNow for the mid-Enterprise

Double the throughput of your service desk

in 30 days using AI,

delighting users and opening up true

Enterprise Service Management.


All without the the attitude and expense of ServiceNow.

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Compared with a standard service desk handling 10,000 tickets per month, for the same level of staffing, the Servicely intelligent service desk will process over twice as many tickets.

A bold claim?


A bold solution.


You absolutely can double enterprise service desk productivity using AI. 

However to radically transform the service desk, AI needs to be embedded in all the workflows, from end to end.

If you want to do this across enterprise use cases, including ITSM, HR, Facilities, CSM and more, there are not many platforms that are flexible and powerful enough.

The choice for the mid Enterprise market is Servicely.

calling all CIOs
service management executives

I've been involved in service management for 30 years, ten of which was spent as CEO of a ServiceNow professional services firm. We did over 400 ServiceNow deployments.


I concluded that the mid market needed a world class option that addressed the limitations of ServiceNow.

We built an enterprise service management platform from the ground up with AI at the core, to relieve the ongoing pressure for efficiency, productivity and customer experience improvement.


We hope you find it useful.

Dion Williams, Founder and CEO of

CIO Tip Sheet


world class enterprise service management

in 4 easy steps

Tip 1: If you want to partner with the business, you'd better be talking ESM
Enterprise Service Management is the application of service desk workflows across different areas of the business (IT, HR, Facilities, Customer Service, Field Services, Managed Services etc).
If as an IT leader you want to partner with the business, you need to partner with a service desk vendor that can deliver workflows across these domains.
Girl with toy robot.png
Tip 2: Augmentation Beats
Simple Self-Service Automation
When you read about AI for the service desk you are really usually reading about self-service conversational chatbots.
These can be highly effective (and yes we have a chatbot too), but they miss 60% of the efficiencies available by using AI to augment service desk analysts across all service desk workflows.
Bow & Arrow
Tip 3: Low TCO and High Return… you can now have both
It used to be that you used to have to either pay a small fortune for the tool that did what you needed, or settle with something good enough but less capable.
Now things are different.
Racing Driving
Tip 4: Inertia is the Enemy of Performance
It is easy to get complacent when you have many months left on the maintenance contract for your current vendor.
But you could be missing out on a staggering ROI if you don't investigate your current options.
Choose wisely...


Winning product. High cost. Constant price hikes.

simple itsm tool

May work great for ITSM,  but if you have ambitions to partner with the business you may run out of flexibility.


Achieve good deflection for incoming calls but miss out on greater efficiencies at the back end

get servicely

True enterprise service management with an AI core that can double the productivity of your service desk.

Are you...

a CIO or service management leader who needs ESM to enable your goals for digitally transforming the business, but who doesn't want the Hollywood prices and the endless cycle of rebundling and price hikes?

an innovator who is not afraid to kill a few sacred cows?


Then you might just want to know just a bit more...

Benefits and Outcomes
Business Presentation


Transform the business with Enterprise Service Management



Double service desk productivity in 30 days through AI Augmentation

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A price point that

the business will embrace.

Away with Shadow IT!



All the ITSM processes

out of the box,

as you'd expect

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Predefined and customisable workflows for CSM, HR, Finance and more



Achieve massive efficiencies across service desk processes with AI that just works

running and leaping

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If Servicely does not deliver, we will be very surprised. Talk to us about our performance guarantee.


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