Servicely is more than a Sevrice Desk tool, at the heart of Servicely is an intelligent service management platform engineered to support enterprise workflows across the enterprise on a single enterprise service model.

Intelligent Platform

Creating intelligent applications has never been easier, using Servicely's PaaS capabilities customers can create intelligent applications with access to our proprietary AI engine. All applications on the platform have access to our leading edge NLU engine to create language models for new domains like facilities requests etc. All applications and workflows  are able to use our proprietary AI engine to Observe how work is being done, to learn from these observations to Augment and Automate work, improving productivity with intelligent workflows.

Managing work between departments just got a whole lot easier with  Servicely's single system of record across the enterprise.

Enterprise Service Model

At the heart of Servicely is an enterprise grade, intelligent service management platform available to customers to extend to manage work across the enterprise. Creating custom applications and workflows has never been easier than using Servicely, simple and drag and drop form builder with support for custom tables and fields. Customers can create new natural language models for new domains like facilities etc to bring intelligent understanding to their applications. Any application and related workflows are able to use the AI engine to Observe how work is being handled to Augment and Automate, improving productivity and service quality.

Managing work between departments just got a whole lot easier with Servicely single system of record for the enterprise

Proprietary AI 

At Servicely we believe enterprise AI should not be difficult or require a team of data scientist to realise benefit. Our proprietary approach to machine learning and natural language processing enables customers to realise the benefits of AI without the complexity and costs of traditional system.

The Servicely platform learns by Observing how your best agents are resolving issues including which knowledge articles are being used, which classifications and routings are done and most importantly which actions are been taken to diagnose and resolve issues and requests. Servicely uses this data as training data to learn and improve with overtime to be able to augment and automate