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Customer service automation just got easy.

Take email, paper or software-based customer service processes and make them fly, without the headaches of complicated automation projects.

The intelligent CSM platform.

The features.

Tickets classified with blinding speed and accuracy using natural language understanding.

Self-service chatbot automations built in.

Automatically learn and automate workflow using AI.

Everything you'd expect. Plus a lot of surprises.

Case Management

Track and resolve customer cases through the lifecycle, with seamless routing and handoff.

Routing & Escalation

Automatically classify and route requests to the right person, every time.

Service Level Management

Manage internal and external SLA compliance, track multiple SLAs per case.


Automate common responses via machine learning, no analysis or configuration required.

Omni Channel

Automatic ingestion and processing of email, portal and social. Allow users to access via their preferred channel deflects voice calls.

AI Virtual Agent

Give customers the benefit of AI self-serve capability. Deflect calls and reduce customer wait time.

Dashboards & Reporting

Use our single platform for reporting with real-time dashboards, or integrate with 3rd party BI systems.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Reduce time to resolution and accuracy of solution. Customers spend less time with support and more time using the product.


Integrate with CRMs, identity, BI, knowledge bases. Custom integrations are rapid and painless.

Knowledge Management

Integrate with internal and external knowledge bases, and use deep learning to surface the right solutions at the right time.

Queue Management

Apply different workflows and SLAs to different queues based on issue classification, customer type, product and more.

Leverage Service Agents

Leverate agents' capacity for listening, forming connections and providing empathy, and reduce their time on repetitive, time-consuming and low-value tasks.

The benefits.

Customers quickly get what
they want, every time.

Eliminate repetitive and
boring service desk tasks.

1000% ROI in 30 days.
(Yes, you read that right)

Humans at work.

Meet the minds behind Servicely.ai.