Enterprise Service Management

Enterprise workflows, standard or custom

Simplicity and empowerment for your employees and customers

Lower the barrier to engagement

Get started straight away

One-Stop-Shop for all Employee Support

Shift left by allowing employees and customers to meet their own needs in real time.
  • Portal is fully configurable for content, widgets, look and feel
  • Full enterprise-wide service catalog is easy to configure and populate
  • Give access to semantic search of knowledge articles across any connected knowledge repository

We Speak Your Language

Sofi, our NLU AI Virtual Assistant, can handle requests from any area of the business from one interface.
  • Offload repetitive and time-consuming task from service agents across the business
  • Free up resources for strategic and project work
  • AI is easily configured and learns quickly

Get Departments Talking To Each Other

Choose from a rich library of workflow modules to meet your enterprise workflow demands. Or create your own workflows!
  • All workflows exist on the same system of record
  • Rich interconnectivity between workflow areas due to single underlying platform
  • Knowledge, requests and catalog items can be exposed via the service portal, with role-based security
"We started looking at Servicely for ITSM, but we quickly realized there was a more broad value proposition to be captured. We now have Servicely embedded in several key parts of the business, and we have a roadmap for rolling it out more widely."

- Financial Services


Classification That Does Itself

Any request that cannot be self-served is automatically categorized and routed to the right team.
  • Tickets are created with the full context of the user, the ticket history, and any resolutions already tried
  • If the routing is inaccurate the system automatically learns
  • Teams can be notified by any channel when a new ticket is in their queue

Meet Your Users Where They Live

Users and customers can interact via the portal but also via email and social channels like Slack, Teams, WhatsApp and more.
  • Routing all channels to AI chatbot allows for 24x7 automated resolution of many issues
  • Intelligent parsing, classification and response to emails extends self-service footprint
  • Users get the support they want, when and how they want it
"Servicely has enabled us to integrate all our significant enterprise services under one pane of glass. I was surprised and delighted to learn that we could apply the same speed, accuracy and user experience to our customer service processes as well."

VP IT Ops - Healthcare

More Features

Rich feature set across all workflows

  • Manage business resources like people, parts and assets.
  • Manage any type of work like service requests, orders, repairs.
  • Manage service levels for interdepartmental processes.

One conversational AI to address all incoming requests

  • Field requests from channels like the service portal, email, Slack,Teams and more.
  • Self-learning AI rapidly determines best-fit responses to common issues.
  • Natural Language Understanding (NLU) allows users to make requests in plain English.

Flexible and fine-grained security model

  • Governance and auditing over access to sensitive data.
  • Overlay many enterprise workflows over a single service integration layer without compromising security.
  • All the benefits of one platform while maintaining controls.
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