Incident Management

What is Incident Management?

In the ITIL framework, the term Incident refers to an unplanned service-impacting event.
According to ITIL, “the Incident Management process ensures that normal service operation is restored as quickly as possible and the business impact is minimized.”
Major Incident is a sub-category of Incident whose definition varies from organization to organization, but can be loosely described as an emergency service-impacting event.
The process for managing Major Incidents may also vary from organization to organization, but typically it is a separate process to Incident Management.
Servicely supports organizations with a platform for full life-cycle management of Incidents, both regular and major.

Major Incident Management

Servicely supports organizations with flexible workflows for Major Incident Management:
  • Servicely implements best practice major Incident management delivered ready to go
  • Relate incident to major incident and keep all stakeholders informed from a single pane with status updates, allowing your staff to focus on restoring service
  • Fully configurable workflows allow you to adapt the out-of-the-box process to how your organization manages major incidents

Restore Service Fast

Collaboration, alerting and intelligence combine to allow you to resolve Incidents in real-time
  • Agents have access to all the information to understand root cause and restore service in record time
  • Deliver impact analysis to understand affected services and customers
"Servicely's approach to incident management gives us the structure but also the flexibility to manage Incidents the way we want to"

 Global Head of Service Delivery/Desk, subsidiary of NASDAQ - listed media company


Boost productivity

AI collaborates with human operators to collect, classify, prioritise and remediate Incidents to minimise service impact
  • Advanced NLU combined with machine learning provide recommendations on diagnostics and suggested actions
  • Call handle time reduced by as much as 60%
  • Resolve more Incidents on first touch
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