ITIL Service Desk Software

Do more with less with an ITIL service desk

We’ve utilised ITIL best practices to create and refine a service desk solution that helps your business manage service requests and any incidents that may arise. 


Designed to work smarter using advanced AI to augment and automate workflows, Servicely offers a wide range of ITIL service desk functions to make your business work better: asset management, incident management, knowledge management, problem management, change management, self-service and service request management

Revolutionising IT service management

We’ve developed our service desk software to align with the key principles of ITIL:


  • Delivering maximum value to customers

  • Optimizing resources and capabilities

  • Offering services that are useful and reliable

  • Planning processes with specific goals in mind

  • Defining roles clearly for each task.


Everything about our ITIL service desk — from our fully-automated AI that helps minimise call times and service agent workload to our ITIL integrated incident management and service request system  — is optimised for your business. We strive to make IT service management (ITSM) as simple and efficient as possible, so that your service desk can be a seamless point of contact for your different departments and teams across your enterprise. 

Use your knowledge base to the fullest degree

We believe that your knowledge management processes can always be improved. That’s why we’ve designed our ITIL service desk software to use a single enterprise service model — meaning that all employees across your business can access the information they need — and created an intelligent AI that can learn from your knowledge base, service agents and users to better address incidents and service requests

Make changes to your business seamlessly

Improve the transparency, clarity and adoption of your organisational changes with an ITIL integrated change management system. Combining this with your other ITIL processes means that it’s simpler to perform risk management evaluations and keep impacted users up to date without experiencing too many disruptions to your business.

No delays or growing pains

Our ITIL service desk is ready for you to start using straight out of the box, with our advanced AI technologies available to your employees from Day 1 — no custom development or extra engineering resources necessary.

Enhance your incident management process

Incidents are, unfortunately, unavoidable when running a business. Make sure that, when they do happen, they are dealt with quickly and effectively so you can get back to work faster. Our ITIL service desk software brings our innovative AI to augment the incident management process for quicker response and more satisfied users every time. 


Our AI software uses deep learning technology to understand incidents, prioritising incoming requests to help your agents address the most pressing issues (and routing them quickly to the correct teams). It also establishes links based on the text found in similar open cases, making it easier for your IT employees to identify developing major incidents before they can become a larger issue.

Simplify service requests

Your employees have better things to do than to answer the same five questions over and over again. Our automated ITIL service desk and intelligent virtual agent provides easy access to answers for common service requests and queries, freeing up your service desk for the tricky things and letting your employees get back to work. 


And, with our Service Catalog available to all of your employees, your managers and analysts have more control and can easily publish new items as needed without the help of a developer, eliminating paper usage across your company and cutting the costs and time normally associated with cultivating a catalog. 

Service Catalog

Improve productivity and streamline common requests using the intuitive Service Catalog design to be configured business managers.


Service Catalog Items are automatically index and included in the Virtual Agent responses, saving time for employees having to browse multi-layer catalog categories.

Include comprehensive workflows with approvals to digitise paper-based forms

Keep better track of your assets

With our advanced AI and comprehensive enterprise service model, asset management has never been easier. Our ITIL service desk software helps you access and manage your consolidated asset database, saving time and helping you spot any potential areas of concern before they become problems. 

Ready to take your ITIL processes to the next level?

To find out more about how our ITIL service desk software can bring intelligent ITSM to your business, check out our demo Service Desk or get in contact with one of our experts today.

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