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IT service automation just got easy.

You give us the keys to your IT service desk. We bring it back faster, cheaper, and more fun for your customers and your service desk people.

The intelligent ITSM platform.

The features.

Tickets classified with blinding speed and accuracy using natural language understanding.

Shave minutes off ticket handling time with near-instant diagnosis and action selection.

Accelerate shift left with adaptive automation.

All the usual ITIL processes. Easy.

Incident Management

Get your business back to business with intelligent diagnosis.

Request Management

Streamline production changes and manage risk.

Service Level Management

Manage internal and external SLA compliance.

Virtual Agent

AI-powered virtual agent to solve more issues at self-service.

Problem Management

Identify root cause to prevent future disruptions.

Configuration Management

Track CI lifecycle, model service relationships for impact analysis.

Dashboards & Reporting

Single platform for reporting with real-time dashboards.

Intelligent Routing

Track CI lifecycle and model service relationships for impact analysis.

Change Management

Streamline production changes and manage risk.

Knowledge Management

Integrate with internal and external knowledge for the right info at the right time.

Self-Service Portal

Federate self-service across the business in a single portal.

Intelligent Actions

Track CI lifecycle, model service relationships for impact analysis.

The benefits.

No-Code automation of 50%
of service desk workload.

Happier and more productive
service desk staff.

1000% ROI in 30 days.
(Yes, you read that right)

Humans at work.

Meet the minds behind Servicely.ai.

Frequently asked questions.

Does it support ITIL?

Yes. Servicely.ai was built by ITIL practitioners so it all just works as you’d expect. We call these features “table stakes”, you have to have them to get a seat at the table but by no means will they outperform.

What if we don’t strictly follow ITIL processes, e.g. we don’t separate Request from Incident?

Servicely.ai may present an opportunity to adopt best-practice ITIL processes. But if what you’re doing now is what makes sense for your organisation, you can easily tweak servicely.ai’s forms, workflows and underlying tables to reflect how you want it to work.

Does it do Asset management?

Yes, we have a full CMBD for software, hardware and custom asset types. Within the tool you might select an asset e.g. desktop. You can look at purchase and support contracts, warranty information, all machines under that warranty, tickets per machine type, tickets per contract, routing based on whether under warranty, 3rd party SLA compliance and so on. You could assign that machine to a 3rd party for warranty repairs, and automatically start an SLA timer based on the terms of the support contract.

Does it integrate with asset discovery tools?

Yes. We can integrate with pretty much anything that talks REST or SOAP but today we do SCCM and have a few other things on the roadmap.

Dion Williams

Founder & CEO

Serial entrepreneur and walking service management encyclopedia.

After 400 ServiceNow deployments Dion got to thinking,  "There has to be a better way".

Behold, servicely.ai was born.

Chris Jones

Chief Architect

Chris has built service management systems for large and complex environments such as large enterprises, global MSPs and Government organizations.
His vision, expertise and experience across machine learning, software architecture and full-stack development make him the Servicely product guru.
Did we mention that he's a world-leading expert in ServiceNow? Oh, and he likes kite-surfing.

Ben O'Loghlin

Head of Growth

A 20 year entrepreneur, Ben first became interested in servicely.ai as an investor.

Quickly he saw an opportunity to contribute his sales and marketing skills, and his rigorous engineering background, to the rapidly growing company.

He runs sales and marketing and is passionate about how servicely.ai's approach can make the world cheaper and easier for humans.