Problem Management

What is Problem Management?

In the ITIL framework, a Problem is defined as the cause, or potential cause, of one or more incidents.
Problem Management includes the activities required to diagnose the root cause of incidents identified through the Incident Management process, and to determine the resolution to those problems.
It is also responsible for ensuring that the resolution is implemented through the appropriate control procedures, especially Change Management and Release Management.
Servicely supports organisations with a platform for full life-cycle Problem Management.

Servicely Problem Management

Servicely supports organizations with flexible workflows for Problem Management:
  • Proactively identify underlying problems before they become service affecting
  • Provide all required information to identify and resolve the root cause of the problem
  • Relate incidents to problems and create related changes to with ITIL aligned process flows.

Single integrated system of record

Understand dependencies and perform root cause analysis to identify the cause of the underlying problem.
  • Surface team-wide alerts on current problems
  • Correlate with Known Errors and Workarounds
  • Create Changes to address Problems
"With Servicely we can organize all the tasks related to Problems and Changes and track who is responsible for what, and how long it is taking. This helps us get more control over Problems and their remediation"

 Global Head of Service Delivery/Desk, subsidiary of NASDAQ - listed media company


ITIL workflows ready to go

Best practice ITIL problem management process delivered out-the-box for rapid time to value
  • Streamlined Problem Management based on ITIL and decades or real-world experience
  • Easily adapt the workflow to your organization's processes

Additional Features

Comprehensive Problem Management process including:
  • Reports and dashboards providing a single view with operational insights and transparency
  • Suggest work arounds for known problems avoiding downtime. Automate diagnostics to confirm known problems
  • Auto close related incidents when a problem is resolved. Communicate work arounds to all related incidents
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