Comprehensive ITIL Service Desk

Delivering a comprehensive out-the-box ITIL aligned Service Desk with pre-configured processes ready to use.

Our embedded AI engine reduces call handle times by up to 200% and improves self-service resolution by up to 45%.

Improve productivity and service experience of your Service Desk today with Servicely. 

Smart | Simple | Better


With out the box Problem management aligned to the ITIL framework, Servicely is ready to use with limited configuration required.

Link Incident records to a Problem record to communicate Work Arounds with a single update.

Link a Problem record to a Change and have the Problem and all linked Incidents auto resolve when the Change is implemented successfully. Work Arounds can we created as Knowledge articles and automatically be suggested when the system identifies and new related Incident, auto add new Incident to open Problem record.


Servicely delivers out-the-box Service Desk aligned to the ITIL framework to help reduce implementation time and costs.

Using the native AI engine Servicely Observes how your best agents are resolving issues to be able to Augment the rest of your Service Desk with suggested knowledge and actions to automate resolutions.

Employees are able raise Incidents and Requests via their channel of choice be i.e. email, Slack or MS Teams.


Integrate Change Management with the rest of your ITIl processes to manage risk and compliance of production changes.

Perform risk analysis using the CMDB data model with parent and child relationships with identify potentially impacted services. have the system automatically add Service owners to the Followers list so they can be kept up to date with upcoming Changes.

Change conflict manages checks for other changes scheduled at the same time and highlights potential conflicts.

Provide CAB dashboards so the CAB has visibility of all changes and the status.

Service Catalog

Publish Standard Requests using the Portal and Service Catalog. Our approach to the Service Catalog has been to remove the complexity seen in many systems today allowing business unit manager and business analysts the ability to draft catalog items with the need for a developer or admin. this approach significantly reduces the cost and time to publish new catalog items.

Use the Service Catalog to digitise paper based forms and processes across the business to provide a system of work to improve productivity and service quality.