Intelligent Service Management

Intelligent Service Management Platform engineered for mid-enterprise customers seeking a single system of record.

At Servicely we believe enterprise AI should not be difficult or require a team of data scientist to realise benefit. Our proprietary approach to machine learning and natural language understanding enables our customers to realise the benefits of AI without the complexity and costs of legacy system with AI plug-ins.

At the core of the platform is a single enterprise service model, with shared resources and embedded AI. We deliver out the box support for a ITIl aligned Service Desk with the flexibility to for customer to configure the system to meet their specific needs. Our platform allows customers to easily create their own custom applications to extend Servicely into other non-IT areas of the business like, Facilities r any other custom workflow the customer requires. 

Single System of Record

Secure singled system of record for the enterprise to get work done Smart | Simple | Better

Natural Language Understanding 

Our proprietary NLU engine understands IT with trained models to get you going faster

Custom Applications

Build custom workflow application using drag and drop form builder

Shared Resources

Share resources across the enterprise while securing sensitivity data like HR in their own data model

Seamless Upgrades

Native SaaS architecture with seamless upgrades and change sets to move from Dev-> UAT-> Prod

Single Tenant Architecture

Enterprise security, dedicated instances per customer in AWS

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