Servicely ITSM 

Servicely automates your Service Desk using advanced proprietary AI.

Increase self-service resolution by 50% while Augmenting Agents, reducing call handle time by 3x with automated diagnostics and intelligent actions.

Incident Management

Automate your Incident Management process using Servicely's proprietary AI capabilities to understand the users issues and automate diagnostics and resolution in machine time.


Our proprietary AI technology combines leading edge NLU and deep learning technology to understand the employees' issue and automate resolution in machine time.

Servicely Observes which actions are taken to resolve issues, using these observations to Learn from to Augment and Automate over time as the platform gets smarter.

Problem Management 

Out the box ITIL aligned Problem Management, Servicely is ready to use with minimal configuration and cost.

Servicely proactively identifies underlying Problems to help reduce downtime and provide recommended work arounds to known issues, getting your business back to business.

With integrated Change and Problem Management Servicely allows you track and deploy fixes with a single view of the Problem lifecycle.

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Automated Self-Service

Sofi our intelligent Virtual Agents helps customers reduce workload on the Sevrice Desk by automating employee's issues and requests.

As an integrated part of the Service Portal Sofi understands the nature of what the employee is asking for and determines the best course of action to resolve it autonomously. 

The Sofi virtual agent is able to take automated actions or provide suggested knowledge from disparate knowledge sources like Confluence and SharePoint. 

Autonomously solving more calls more often at self-service.

Advanced CMDB

Understand the impact of Change or outages to business service using the advanced CMDB functionality delivered by Servicely.

With parent and child relationship support Servicely is able to identify impacted services and number of users impact to help drive Priority including Major Incidents.

Industry standard integration allows seamless itegration to existing 

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Service Catalog

Improve productivity and streamline common requests using the intuitive Service Catalog design to be configured business managers.


Service Catalog Items are automatically index and included in the Virtual Agent responses, saving time for employees having to browse multi-layer catalog categories.

Include comprehensive workflows with approvals to digitise paper based forms