Enterprise Workflow Platform

Coding skills optional

Plug it into anything

Complete flexibility

Get dirty when you need to

Think Up a Workflow. Build the Workflow.

Servicely's platform was built from the ground up for speed and flexibility of workflow creation.
  • Business users can automate business processes with Servicely low-code workflow builder
  • Easily configure tables, fields, workflows, reports, automations and more using drag and drop
  • Access the standard javascript interpreter for more sophisticated requirements

AI Makes Everything Faster and Easier

All workflows across the Servicely platform have the full native AI stack available.
  • Rapidly-trained conversational chatbot for user and customer self-service
  • Automated classification and routing of tickets
  • Automated diagnostics present intelligence to service agents

Talk to Anything

As well as a library of existing integrations, you can rapidly create your own integrations using REST, SOAP and other APIs.
  • Library includes standard data sources like Okta, Active Directory, SCCM, Device42 and more
  • Quickly stand up bidirectional integrations to any enterprise data sources with an API or data export
  • Integrate with supplier and customer data sources. Define and manage SLAs at the boundary.
"Having Servicely has certainly lowered the barrier to digital transformation in our business. All we need to do is understand our own business processes, the rest is easy and economical."

Head of Transformation - Financial Services


Everything is Configuration

All changes to appearance, data structures and workflows are stored as configuration.
  • Simplify testing and deployment of whatever you build
  • Build and configure whatever you want without breaking the upgrade process
  • Innovate without incurring technical debt

Comprehensive Security Model

Simple but granular security model means you can protect access to data
  • Security model is easy to administer
  • Security can be down to the field level
  • Single system of record but data access can be partitioned, e.g. admins can't see sensitive HR tables or fields
"We had hundreds of paper-based forms that cut across different silos. We were finding it hard to find a tool that combines a fully-blown ITSM implementation (with critical capabilities like asset management and CMDB) with the ability to easily and flexibly digitise our forms-based workflows. Now we have brought visibility, control and efficiency to those workflows. Which is nice."
CIO - Logistics

More Features

Low-code interface supports multiple user personas

  • Business users can drag and drop workflows with minimal training.
  • More complex workflows can be created by business analysts.
  • Ultimate platform flexibility unlocked with javascript expert mode.

Give users access to enterprise knowledge silos

  • Index knowledge from Confluence, Sharepoint and others, as well as Servicely's knowledge base
  • Use Natural Language Understanding to index the meaning (semantics) not just the words (vocabulary)
  • Surface contextually appropriate knowledge to the user and service agent

All the benefits of traditional ITSM capabilities

  • Manage assets and their configuration
  • Manage projects and contracts
  • Manage service levels
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