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We make service desk operations fast, easy and economical while delighting service desk users and customers.

This stuff is good. Here's what you should do:

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The business case.

The features.

Why get a human to do the boring, time-consuming and error-prone stuff?

Don't do it.

The easy stuff: Self-service chatbot automation.

The cool stuff: Automatically learn and automate workflows using AI.

Give us a workflow. We give you speed, accuracy, efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Telco Service Management

Security Incident Management

HR Case Management

AI Augmentation

Enterprise Service Management

Project Portfolio Management

Efficiency by the Numbers


The benefits.

Harness AI to make workflows faster, cheaper and more fun.

Delight users and customers.

1000% ROI in 30 days.
(Yes, you read that right)

Our resources.

Humans at work.

Meet the minds behind Servicely.ai.