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At Servicely, we are passionate about simplifying  the complexity of using Artificial Intelligence to improve business outcomes. We have developed the world's first service management platform with AI at the core, that Observes how your best service desk agents resolve issues and requests in order to generate feature-rich machine models for training purposes. We use these models to Augment your agents  with intelligent automation to significantly reduce their call handle times.

Our integrated intelligent virtual agent uses advanced natural language understanding to understand your employees' requests and resolve them Immediately and Automatically.

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Our Technology has been built from the ground up to be an intelligent Platform As A Service (PaaS) targeted to the enterprise customer. At the core of the platform is our proprietary AI engine that uses that latest developments in machine learning and natural language understanding. We combine this with our domain specific language models to allow Servicely to understand your employees's requests from day one.

Servicely uses this understanding to automate diagnosis, resolution and suggest the next best action to the service agent. For high volume calls, Servicely's virtual agent is able to resolve employee calls immediately and automatically through the self-service portal or via their channel of choice like Slack and MS Teams.

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Our Vision

To help mid-size enterprise customers realise demonstrable benefits of an intelligent service management platform that can automate and augment to deliver improved business productivity. achieves this with a single system of record, delivered with out of the box intelligence, to manage work across the business, from IT to human resources to any custom workflow. 

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How it works


At Servicely we deliver a proprietary approach to enterprise AI. We have abstracted the complexities AI and using our native AI engine as an embedded part of our intelligent platform. Servicely is able to Observe how your best Service Agents are solving issues and requests. Servicely automatically uses these learns to train the AI models improving over time. Servicely augments all your Service Desk agents, delivering a consistent service experience with significantly lower call handle times. As Servicely continues to improve Servicely is able to start to automate high volume calls in a fully automated manner. Reducing the load on the Service Desk and getting the employee back to business. Our unique Language Understanding engine provides pre-trained models for common IT issues and requests, delivering value to customers in days.

Smart | Simple | Better


Servicely is engineered to support organisation in their digital transformation journey, allowing customer to leverage our single system of record architecture.  Delivered out-the-box is an industry best practise ITSM Service Desk aligned to the ITIL framework. Leveraging our intelligent platform customer are able to extend Servicely to manage work for across the enterprise for any forms based workflow requirements as often seen in HR and Facilities etc. All applications on the Servicely platform are able to leverage to the proprietary AI engine to deliver smart workflows to help get work done.

Our single system of record architecture allows work to flow seamlessly across the enterprise while our AI engine Learns and Automates to deliver improved productivity and service experience for the enterprise. 

Observe | Learn | Augment | Automate


Using advanced Natural Language Understanding (NLU) Servicely understands the user's issues, knows what the required actions are and automates the resolution. The Servicely Virtual Agent is accessible directly from the employees' collaboration tool of choice i.e. Slack or Teams  attitude. Continue reading and learn all there is to know about the smart tech behind our successful Software Startup.

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